All about me!!

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My name is Lyndy, I'm from Odessa Texas. I am mom to 2 wonderful kids. A sassy, intelligent, beautiful daughter and a rambunctious, bright, handsome son. My nephew who is responsible, intelligent and kind, also lived with us while in high school and has become the amazing 5th piece to our family puzzle!! 😍

Growing up was hard for me, I went through some things that no child should have to go through! But if it were not for those experiences, I would not be the person I am today and would not have been interested in being a work at home mom to be with my children!! ❤️

I live in pain most days of my life due to some health issues, so traditional work environments are so hard for me to be in. Standing too much hurts, sitting too much hurts, and it's hard for me to lift heavy things! This business has been an absolute God send because I can provide for my family in a way that fits perfectly in my life!! 🤩

I am also so glad to have found something I can do that helps push me out of my comfort zone. Having battled anxiety and depression for most of my life this opportunity has allowed me a place to grow mentally. I am gaining a better understanding of myself and learning to love myself flaws included! 💪

I have a Bachelor's in Business with a Financial Planning Certificate!! I want to be the best possible role model and mommy to my children. Through God I have been able to accomplish so many things and with Him I will accomplish so many more!!

I started this business thanks to my awesome friend Billie Cervera who never gave up on trying to get me on board for 3 years. I finally said yes because I was tired of worrying and stressing about finances and living paycheck to paycheck. I have been able to help my husband bring money into the house to pay for the "extra" things, so it was not all on his shoulders. For the last 2 years I have been building my empire and have stopped having to tell my children no!

This year my husband was laid off and if not for my online business we would have lost everything! My side business has now turned into our main income in the blink of an eye. I'm not stopping or settling for where I am. I will continue to push and grow as a person and in my business!! I promise you guys I'm no one special, I've been through a lot of life and if I can do this YOU can too!!