Hey Babe!

My name is Logan or you can call me Lo🥰

Once I turned 16 I told myself that I was going to start working and doing things for myself. I have never liked asking people for help or asking people for things. Therefore, I worked and went to school full time. I wanted to prove to my parents and family that I can afford for myself. You guys, you will have to be to yourself. You can't depend on your parents your whole life. You've got to start somewhere in life so why not just start a little early?

I always wanted to live a comfortable life. I didn't want to live paycheck to paycheck each week. No more alarm clocks waking me up early in the morning. I just wanted life as my own terms. SInce I was 16 I have always been so very busy with working and going to school none stop. When my friends asked to go do things I couldn't do go because I was on schedule to work.

Therefore, I have been following this girl on every social media that I have for a pretty long time. I continued to see her post on everything about a job she had FROM HER PHONE. Never really paid attention about what she really did because I have always thought it was a joke. I just kept on and on seeing her post more about her business and it just started to get more interesting. One night I was laying in bed and I seen that she was averaging over $2,000 a month FROM HER DANG PHONE!!!! So, I finally messaged her the next morning for more details.

February 29th, 2020 I gave my finally answer. I said YES to something I knew nothing about. I have always been trying to get my own business started from my phone and that finally came true. Just that week I started I had earned $223 and that counting all of the bonus that I have gotten.

I promise this business isn't as scary as you think it is. Don't ever think that you can't do something because YOU CAN! It is already good to try different things in life. So, I want you to really think and make the best decision for your life!

Now it's time to ask yourself a few questions!

are you goal oriented?
are you coachable?
are you open minded?
are you ready to hustle?
work hard play hard mentality?


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