You are in control of your life!

Hey there! & Thanks for stopping by my page! My name is Jocelyn by the way, I’m 23 years old & have a 3 year old toddler running around me 24/7! You heard that right. I’m a stay at home mom & enjoy what I do because it allows me to have more time with my daughter & doing the things I love most out of life.
Before I had my own business, I was working at a club at nights, as a dental assistant by day, and very unfulfilled with life in general. I always thought to myself.. is this it? Is this what it feels like to grow up & have all this time working to make someone else rich while I don’t even have time to spend living my life? It had to change.
March 2019 I decided to take control of my life. Nothing changes in life, if you don’t change it.

It all started by a sign, & now this is yours...what will you do with it?

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