What does the next 2-5 years of your life look like? When life continued to pass me by that’s when I knew I was meant for more

Welcome to my page! I can’t wait to help you get the hair and skin of your dreams!

About me~

My name is Alysa—I’m a small town wifey in the midwest married to my high school sweetheart and we have two beautiful daughters together. I love to thrift, hike and sing wherever whenever with the people I love. I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 10 years now and have always been passionate about sustainable products but never truly had found a line that I loved in it’s entirety… until now. I had been experiencing hair loss due to postpartum and a latex allergy from tape-in extensions and nothing was helping. I have a lot of allergies and am extremely sensitive to harsh chemicals/ingredients, so I had a really hard time finding products that would help, I literally tried everything! I constantly wore hats and hid my hair out of embarrassment. How was I supposed to be a stylist making hair dreams come true when I hated my own!?? These products changed my life and I was not expecting it at all. AT ALL. After 5 washes my hair stopped shedding, and began to grow so fast and thicker than it ever had before, my confidence fully restored!! I dove right into the business because I realized that I wanted to help change people’s lives, just like these products changed mine.

I wasn’t looking for the opportunity when it found me. Products that worked magic and a compensation plan that could help me stay home with my girls, it all seemed too good to be true and yet here I am, living my best life with the best products that are safe, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free, all natural and anti-aging! I’m never looking back and here’s the best news, you can join me!!

What if I told you, you can…
• make your own schedule/flexible hours
• join the fastest growing haircare biz
• Use the best products in North America and transform your hair/skin
• make money while doing it!!

It’s a no brainer, you want in on this!!

Back story…

The last 2 years of my life has been so hard—mentally, emotionally, and physically. I gave birth to my babies right as Covid-19 hit and due to lockdown I couldn’t work for 3 months. I was self-employed as a stylist and still needed to make ends meet even when salons were not allowed to re-open for 12 long weeks, that’s when I decided I needed more. With the rising cost of products, inflation, and childcare working behind the chair wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Now I’m on track to be home with my kiddos full time before the year is over and my income will be 100% in my control.
Does this sound familiar to you? Are you struggling financially and know that you’re capable of more? Do you want more flexible hours? Spend more time at home with your family? I was you, I lived in your shoes and I promise you this business can change your life!

If you’re not in love with your current products or the career path you’re on, let me help you!! My passion is restoring confidence and helping you grow your business. It will take hard work and dedication but you get me as your mentor and it is 1000% worth it to be in control of your life and your income—with the best hair and skin you’ve ever had!! What are you waiting for?? DM me now or slide to the right to take my quizzes & get started. Let’s transform your life, together