about me —

here’s a little look into my life

hello friends 💕
Welcome to my website, here’s I little more in-depth about who I am & what I do. My name is elysa mackenziee! I am a 24 year old entrepreneur who is just trying to figure out this thing called life.
I work for the number one luxurious hair & skin care company in the world right now & I teach women and men how to be an influencer. I never thought my life would be where it is today, but I’m not complaining about it.
My passions are creating a happy fulfilled life for my self & my family, I want to travel & see the world. I spend most of my days creating content and interacting with 100s of people daily!
I own a four year old Siberian husky who is the sweetest thing, she is 100% my best friend, she is the most lovable thing. If you cant tell I love dogs.. well all pets in general.
I am creating this website because I am wanting to expand my business & my horizons. I have always wanted to have a personal blog & eventually create a vlog series! I want to promote the products that I’m using not just with my hair & skin care but all products.
Thank you for taking the time to visit ✨💞