I am a 18 year old full time college student. I started my social media based business in July. I do this and eyelash extensions full time. 🤎

I am so glad i chose to join this team, giving me amazing mentors and the best energy daily! Also allowing me to travel and make money from my phone ANYWHERE i go!

If you clicked this link i’m assuming you want to build your dream life or get hooked up with amazing anti-aging vegan beauty products! 🌱

I’m ready when you are babe ✈️

Where do you fit in here?!

Retail, VIP, Market Partner

RETAIL— treat yourself self to vegan, non toxic haircare, skincare, and wellness products at full price + shipping zero commitment!

VIP— my vips have access to me 24/7 as their personal consultant
they enjoy hair are, skincare, and wellness products at 15% off and up, plus they enjoy:
- free shipping
- free products
- birthday credit
- access to all flash sales
- have the option to upgrade to market partner
no monthly fees or minimums, no subscriptions, no deadlines
you just become one of my loyalty customers who i check in with more frequently

MARKET PARTNER— Become my business partner and i will teach you everything i know! Personal branding, social media, business, etc.
just the opportunity to earn:
- time freedom
- financial freedom
- personal development
- a support system
- 30 to 55% off products
- all inclusive trips
- unlimited bonuses
- a company paid for Cadillac
- 30 days risk free

You’re potential is endless babe. there’s room for you here!