Get to know me

✨Thrifting Queen✨

My name is Alyssa and I am from Austin, Texas. I am an Austinite born and raised! My passion for fashion started as a young girl I would cut out the newest fashion trends from magazines and hang it up on my wall. I was a die-hard fan of J-14 and enjoyed reading the fashion tips of the month. Once I started earning my own money as a teenager is when I truly started to invest in my clothing. I started to curate my wardrobe by thrift shopping. Thrift shopping soon became a hobby ( or some say sport) that I grew to love.

Why do I love thrifting?

I have always strived to be fashion forward and as a teenager without a job I had to become resourceful. I was under the impression that thrift stores had dirty, cheap and ugly clothes and as skeptical about stepping foot into one. My first thrift shop changed my mind immediately and I have been hooked ever since.

I always admired the vintage look and wearing rare clothing that my peers would not have. I soon began to enjoy the hunt and the feeling of the unknown when it came to what I would find. Often times I find myself wondering what life this piece had before me especially my vintage finds. Wearing unique vintage pieces such as jackets, sweaters and accessories are a major part of my wardrobe.

Not only is thrifting an expensive way to find high-quality and trendy pieces it is also a more sustainable way shop. I love giving a piece of clothing a second life and incorporating it into my own personal style. With that being said I want to share my passion with ya’ll and bring you on my journey as I aspire to be a thrifting blogger!

My Business

Vintage and Trendy Clothing For All Body Types

I decided to start Eclectic Cheetah in the fall of 2020 after coming across a lot of boutique owners and vintage resellers. I originally thought of selling just vintage but felt as if that didn’t truly represent my style as a whole. I have a good blend of thrifted, vintage and trendy clothing incorporated in my wardrobe.

Finding a set style for me was super difficult because I loved all sorts of styles such as vintage, preppy edgy and comfy. I dressed for how I felt that day and I know I am not that only women who dresses like this. That’s where the name Eclectic Cheetah came from. Eclectic means deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources & well cheetah is a print that I absolutely love when tasteful of course.

So, having a selection that caters to all styles was my main vision! My passion for vintage shopping also plays a huge role in curating my inventory. I love the vintage look and feel but, vintage isn’t always body inclusive. Granted, sizes and styles were completely different back then and so was the “ideal” body type. As time as progressed, we as a society work hard to stray away from the superficial body type, we praise women for finding confidence in their curves and cancel individuals who body shame. We are starting to see brands and influencers advocating and representing men and women of all shapes and sizes. This movement is truly tear jerking and beautiful & and I cannot wait for Eclectic Cheetah to be a part of this historical shift in fashion.

If you want to be a part of this movement, follow Eclectic Cheetah on Instagram and shop our clothing through Etsy. Each one of these links are provided in My Links Page!