My Profile

I am Jane Myka Inso from Minglanilla, Cebu. Back in High School, I was a one call away Assistant to my Teacher for 6 years. I was given the task to handle and train students to perform a high quality of performance. I was also given the responsibility to discipline and show leadership in every task that was given. Despite being given that huge responsibility, I successfully graduated Secondary Education as an honor student. In college, I studied for 2 years at Silliman University, Dumaguete taking up a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. When the pandemic started, I stopped studying and started working as an Adviser II in Concentrix handling Sprint Account. Sprint Corporation is an American telecommunication company and the fourth largest mobile network operator. We were given the responsibility to handle customer inquiries regarding billing, devices, and coverage issues. We were trained to perform basic troubleshooting for the devices that are owned by Sprint. We also investigate and thoroughly review customer personal accounts to provide an answer to customer issues. Also, we were trained to provide a long term resolution to customers concerns. After a year of working with Sprint, I decided to quit my job and enter the world of freelancing.

What to love about me:

* I am creative in my own way.
* I love editing videos and showing my creativity using Canva.
* During my free time, I watch videos that can help me enhance my skills.
*I am a fast learner and versatile.
*I am willing to learn and adapt new skills that can help me with the task
* I take work seriously

Here are my sample works:


Sample 1

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Sample 2

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