A Couples Fitness Journey

M2A2 Fitness

Hey all! I hope you’re finding this when you need it the most!

We are so happy you’re here! To introduce ourselves I am Megan a 21 year old mom of 2 and wife who is learning to love fitness again, loves Essential Oil & taking care of myself and other people!

I am Marco a 24 year old Father of 2 and Husband! I use to be in the army and am currently on my weight loss journey getting back to where I use to be!

We both are student at NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) working on getting becoming a CPT Megan is also working on getting her CES and taking classes in Nutrition!

I am a dōterra Wellness Advocate so if you’re interested in oils check out my oil account @madlyessential

We are changing our life, our kids lives, our family’s lives one step at a time! We have big plans and insane goals that We will be achieving these next few years Together! so thank you for being here with us! You can do anything you set your mind to! Because there is

Nothin To It, But To Do It!


My Absolute Favorite Sports Bra!

Okay guys! I can’t express how obsessed I am with this bra! One huge setback I had while on my weight loss and fitness journey was my boobs! It hurt so bad to workout! My boobs are quite large I’ve had two babies I’ve breastfed both and am currently still feeding my daughter I was already a DD cup and now they have grown which is fine but it caused horrible pain! No matter what bra I had it hurt I’d double up on bras and it was so uncomfortable! Still painful and i hated working out because of it!

Then I found Shefit! Holy heck! This company has changed my life I don’t even have to give my boobs a second thought anymore they don’t hurt! They don’t get in the way! They are protected and comfortable! You take their quiz and they give you your perfect fit and I’m telling you ITS A PERFECT FIT 😍

I am so grateful I made the investment!
I’d love to Give you guys $10 off on your first order of $65+ ! Check out the link below! It is an affiliate link so it does mean so much to me if you use it!

I hope you enjoy as much as I do!