Imperfection is beauty, Madness is genuine, And it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous then Absolutely boring…….. Marilyn Monroe

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Hello my name is Patricia!

So excited to have you here and share with you a little bit of me! 🥰

My name is Patricia I am a single mother of two teenagers a boy and a girl, they are my motivation, and my purpose of moving towards my goals. As I have always been in the medical field I’ve always have a passion for helping others, although I loved my career I found myself struggling financially and physically and it made me emotionally depressed and stressed.

That’s when I saw this opportunity on social media, just like YOU are doing!! 😏 I was so curious & skeptical all at the same time, so I totally understand!! But I took the leap of faith & I will never look back! This business has CHANGED MY LIFE for the better!! The best part is that I get to help others do the same and offer this opportunity to whom might also be struggling like I was. So if that's YOU, complete the application in the link and text me once you're done. Excited to talk with you some more! 🥰