Artist Bio

Macaela Mosley was born in San Antonio Texas in 1999, the significance of her art grows with each piece, as she grows herself with her own fight with mental illness. She focuses mainly on realism and landscape depictions, and centers her artwork around nature using graphite, watercolor, and acrylic paint. Taking inspiration from her love for Japanese art, the outdoors, and her own experience with mental health issues, she combines the two to be able to make her pieces relatable to those who view them. She hopes to give viewers comfort in seeing there are others who fight similar battles, and give them hope for their own struggle with mental illness.

Artist Statement

My first experience with Japanese art was in an art class i took in high school, where we practiced Japanese Sumi ink painting. I found the simplicity of the paintings and the technicality of the style caught my eye quickly. Leading me down a path of exploring watercolor, and infusing those methods I learned into nature paintings. The series “The Joy of Painting” starring Bob Ross influenced me to landscape painting. The serenity I felt when watching Bob Ross paint is what I wanted others to feel when they saw my art. Although heavily influenced by these methods, my art is not limited to these. Animal anatomy has always been something I’ve been interested in, and it shows in my work as a lot of my pieces reflect that. My love for nature and animals flows over into my art, as I hope it will flow into every soul that sets eyes on my work.