I am so happy and honored that you are here

My name is Macayla! I am a 22 year old entrepreneur and cosmetology student. I live in a small town in Massachusetts with my dad, mom, sister, brother, our two dogs, and one fish.

I graduated high school in 2018 and really surprised myself when I decided not to go to college. Let’s just say that I was a total nerd all throughout grade school. At 16, I worked my first job at a racetrack serving fast food. Although it was definitely not the ideal job, it was a job nonetheless and I quickly realized that I loved working just as much as I loved school.

From then on, I always had a job and discovered that I made a fantastic employee in the restaurant industry; specifically as a server/bartender. When the time came to enroll in college, I was seriously just one step away from completing the process but my heart and gut were telling me not to. So instead, I decided to go full-time with my job at the time which was serving/bartending at Chili’s.

This is when I realized how much I love working with people and bringing a smile to their faces. It was also when I figured out that I hate working for others. However, I stayed for a couple of years and put my all into that place. I was comfortable because I was making good money but I was definitely not happy.

In January of 2020, I did something I never expected of myself that resulted in me being fired. Looking back, it was actually one of the best things that happened to me. It took me a really long time to find self forgiveness but I now know that it happened for a reason; I needed to be uncomfortable so that I could grow.

At this point, the infamous lockdown went into affect and I couldn’t collect unemployment because I was fired. So I had to figure out a way to make money while stuck in the house. I decided that it was the perfect time to tap into my entrepreneurial mindset and start a business of my own! I invested in a couple business courses and began an online health and fitness coaching service. 

One of my mentors was also working as an independent partner with the hair care company Monat. She had (and still has) gorgeous hair that she credited to the products. With all the time I had to be with myself during lockdown, I realized how unhappy I was with my short, damaged and oily hair. So I decided to give the products a try and enrolled into the VIP program.

After a few months of staying consistent with my routine, I noticed an amazing change and started falling in love with my hair again. This is when the obsession began and it has continued to grow every day since! Fast forward to now, 2 1/2 years later and my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been.

A lot has happened in those years. I retired the health and fitness coaching, worked at a gym for a year in management, then quit that job to partner with Monat and work on social media full time, broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years, got sober, and went back to school to become a licensed cosmetologist. A couple of years can change everything…

I have honestly never been happier though! I feel a true passion for the beauty industry and network marketing. I love that I am able to help others (especially women) learn to be authentically confident in their hair/skin/body and become fearlessly independent in all that they do.

I am surrounded by empowering, encouraging, and like-minded individuals; many who I have developed genuine friendships with.
I am constantly learning and evolving.
I have a purpose and a mission.
I am enjoying life while working on becoming the best version of myself.

My advice to you is to not waste your limited time here on earth being unhappy with yourself and playing victim to your circumstances. When you decide that you’re the creator of your own story, anything is possible.

Let’s turn all of our dreams into our realities!
xo Macayla