“The walls of your comfort zone are lovingly decorated with your lifelong collection of favorite excuses” - Jen Sincero

Hey babe! I am so happy you took the leap and are here!

My name is Maci! I am here to help guide you to being the best version of yourself! My passion is to truly inspire and motivate you. You only get one chance at life so start your dreams NOW. The only person stopping you from getting everything you want is yourself.

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I am 21 years old and have fully stepped out of my comfort zone. I have moved to Ireland by myself and have left everyone and everything back home in Louisiana. I decided to quit my toxic job and fully live the life I want. I have taken the jump into the unknown and so can you! I am here to help motivate you. I am looking for motivated women who are tired of living the “safe life” and want to step out of their comfort zones! If you think this describes you then take that jump with me. I believe everything happens for a reason and the universe brought us together! So let’s take on new goals and help you be the badass being you are meant to be!