A little about me..

Hi guys!! Come watch along as I finish my journey to nursing school and start my new journey becoming an Registered Nurse.
I have 2 beautiful daughters that gave my life an entirely new meaning, I started blogging while pregnant with my first. This is the life and this is my journey through motherhood, postpartum depression and navigating life as a stay at home mom /student to now becoming a work at home mom of 2 /student.
I will be adding recipes and activities that we do throughout our weeks and I can’t wait to meet all of you!! Thank you for checking out my pages!

-Mackenzie Faye

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so, about these products..

•Plant based skincare& haircare products
•Chemical Free
•Cruelty Free
•Products for; Men, Women, Children & Pets

Every product & package comes with a 30day “you will love it or your money back” guarantee, no matter how much of the product is used!

Let me take you on this journey to better skin and better hair!

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Why I started

I wanted to write a little bit about me and the, “how and why” I joined the Monat company.
Being a mom of 2, that hasn’t finished her degree yet is.. challenging. Challenging, not only because I need to leave my girls for school but because I need to leave them for work too.
I am a licensed esthetician, a waitress, and student, going to school to become a Registered Nurse.
Taking a year off of work at the salon, I lost the majority of my clientele. My limited hours of availability gave me limited options for returning to work and childcare. To put it in perspective, childcare for 2 kids for just 2 days costs more than our mortgage payment, which definitely put a stop on things. We decided staying home with the girls during the day, while working at the restaurant on weekends and going to school at night is what’s best for me to me and my family.
I started using MONAT when a close friend of mine said, that it saved her postpartum hair loss.. so I bought some, tried it, then I fell in love with it too. It not only brought thickness and volume back into my hair but also helped with length, which is something I always wanted.
My friend reached out to me after seeing my results and started telling me about how many benefits the company gives them for their time and effort working. She has been awarded multiple free trips for her and her spouse and gets paid 5 times a month.
I was sold, like why not, right? ANYTHING to help me stay home more with my girls AND help me pay for school. Being an esthetician, I am already so intrigued by skin and hair care products, I love trying and learning new things that can help people look/feel their best. I was in!
Fast forward to now, I only work 2 shifts a week at the restaurant, school at night and the extra income I make is through my phone or laptop.
In the first month I made over 1,000 USD. I am on a team with girls from all over the world, some are moms, students, teachers and nurses. Most of them will be in my life for the rest of my life. It’s amazing sharing such a great opportunity with my, now forever, friends. This company has amazing incentives and the best part is, I don’t do any inventory, it is all through my laptop or phone and there are no minimum monthly sales quotas.
If I decide that I am done selling, it’s as easy as me not selling anymore and the best part is, ITS ALL THROUGH MY PHONE.
If you could benefit from $200-1,000$ USD a month then email or message me, I would love to give you more details!

Mackenzie Faye
[email protected]

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