Maxine Hawk

Biography of Maxine Hawk (Vampire Greater Mafia God Mother)

Being a creature of the night, Maxine always wondered around with no goal in sight. However, on one particular night, she was transported over to the realm of one of the curliest and most sadistic Warewolf Greater around. She was barely a few hundred years old and had been taken hostages. In Maxine defence, the girl was so naïve walking in the streets of one of the darkest places of her life. Not sure where she was even going or where she was. Desperate to find food and even water, she searches high and low for something she can munch on. That was until the most powerful gang decided they wanted to play with her. Such was the start of Maxine very life.

She was brought inside of a castle to be inspected and checked. Those men knew she was an abomination, a creature that wasn't their own. Yet what the leader did caught everyone off guard, even his men. He simply stated that she would not only be unharmed, but she was going to be the next head of this powerful gang. Maxine never really did find herself stick to one place or another. She was often seeking and searching districts within the shadows to hunt her next prey until that particular moment happened. When the owner of said gang talked about her being the next head. It dazzled her. This leader, the head of such a powerful group, even went as far as adopting Alisa as his daughter to one day fill the role.

Years went on and she ran the place with a iron fist. True she is a vampire but a vampire Greater nonetheless. She ruled the clan with a vicious mindset and seeing her father pass away shorty when she went to the role. Maxine was now left with the gang ruling it with her human and especially her darker outlook of her vampire self.