About me

utilizing art to combat anxiety & pursue self expression

This past February, I was diagnosed with something that I knew I had for a long, long, long (I mean, a really long) time. I used to be afraid to admit to people that when I hurried up to my room, or when I rushed to the bathroom, it was probably because I was having a panic attack.

For a long time, I was able to get away with not getting help. I had great grades, great friends and a great looking life.

Thankfully, there were a whole lot of people who took a peek behind the bathroom doors I’d been hiding behind. People who encouraged me to get the help that I needed. While I am better now, living with a mental illness isn’t a one and done thing. It’s an everyday battle.

That’s exactly why I started making art— as a way to cope with the extreme anxiety I felt on a daily basis. Painting reminds me to breathe, exhale, and breathe again.

Now, I try to paint at least once a day to give myself time for reflection, acceptance and relaxation. Little did I know that the hour or so I dedicated solely to my well-being would change my life in the absolute best way.

As someone who is annoyingly self aware (and sometimes too hard on myself for my own good) I’ll be the first to admit that my art isn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. I’m still learning and growing as an artist. Duh.

But let me end this by making one thing clear:

I make art to help myself grow.
I make art to remind myself to breathe, that it’s okay, that everything will be okay.
I make art for me.
Ya, you heard that right.
And that’s so d*mn empowering.

Storytelling through Commissions

How I Personalize the Personal

Surprise, I also create customized art! Check ‘em out! (And maybe I can convince you to let me make you something)

Picasso Pets

I was commissioned by a local nonprofit to create an abstract puppy piece. This piece was then donated to raise funds for a therapy-dog training shelter!

Give Yourself Time to Grow

Loved painting this for a close friend, and wow is it a great every day reminder. 💗

plant lovin’

who DOESN’T want a painting of their fave plant? 😍

“I love your art, how can I contribute?”

Oh, why thank you, me-who-typed-that-headline

Text me if you’re interested in a commission, want advice on how to get your art out in the world, or just need a coffee-run buddy.

My number is (214)-504-5357.
Text me your name, where you’re from, a piece that I’ve done before that you like, as well as a description of what you want!

For a more formal/easier way, just DM me on Instagram.