Hey there, thanks for checking in.

I’m Maddie Armstrong, Momma, Wife, horse trainer, barrel racer and adrenaline junkie.
Y’all want to talk about no fear- Hi, hello, its me I’m right here. My joints took the brunt of it all.

We found out I was pregnant again in September 2020, we really tried to not get too excited because my body had failed me before, more than once. All that could play through my mind in those moments were shit- did I cause this? Was my body failing on me because of the things I had put it through? My pregnancy was no where near easy, December rolled around for my 20 week anatomy scan- you know that look? When you can just tell something is off? Well it was, I was sent to a specialist, underwent multiple different tests, finally getting the all clear to take it easy but that our sweet boy was okay. Praise Jesus for that. I was never one to just sit. I can’t do it still to this day no matter how im feeling I have to be doing something. March 2021 rolled around, I was 7 almost 8 months pregnant went and entered a barrel race and placed in the top 6. Two weeks later I was on bed rest, I continued to walk so I didn’t go stir crazy but it still was hard, I knew I had rested to much and my body was feeling it. May 2021 rolled around and I delivered this perfect 8lb baby……… I was 117lbs the beginning of my pregnancy. It took away my confidence I had in my body. My joints hurt, I had this extra weight. I had hit rock bottom especially with postpartum depression on top of it..

A gal I was friends with on Facebook had posted a story and I decided to respond even before I was pregnant. A year and a half later and this company has been one of the biggest blessing to me and hopefully to my family.

Im feeling better, my husband is even taking it, I’m loosing the baby weight and I’m feeling amazing. Im getting my self confidence back in my body. I don’t live in oversized jeans and hoodies anymore. Im actually smiling thanks to this company.

“I figure if a girl wants to be a legend she should just go ahead and be one.” - CJ