Leslyn L’amour

Turning my dreams into reality!

The Magic💫


Where it all started

If you aren’t familiar with me, my name is Madison and creating beautiful, hand crafted art is my passion. I love being able to create something and put a smile on someone’s face because of it. I created this company to pursue my dreams and really bring out my creative side.
I’ve always had people tell me how beautiful and perfected my handwriting is and I would always thank them, but brush it off because who thought you could do anything with just having nice hand writing? Turns out, there’s a whole playing field for people like me to hit a home run in!
When I started working at my job now, I was known as the sticky note queen because I would go around and write inspiring quotes on sticky notes and leave them in random places. No one knew at the time who was writing them, but after a while, they noticed the handwriting was the same and people started asking me if I was leaving them around. Once people knew it was me, they would tell me I really should do something with my beautiful handwriting, and that people would go crazy over it! So I took the jump and created Leslyn L’Amour!


The detail behind The Name

Leslyn L’amour

It took me a while to finally figure out a name for my company. I’ve always had a love for my middle name, because it means so much to me. My middle name Leslyn, comes from my Ma’am’s middle name Lynn, and my Grandad’s middle name Leslie. My creative mom decided to combine the two together, and Leslyn was created.
Now L’amour in French translates to love, or the love of. I wanted to include the uniqueness of my middle name with the love I have for calligraphy, writing, drawing and creating; and that’s where Leslyn L’amour was born!