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Made BeYOUtiful🦋by Michelle Nicole

Welcome Everyone

My name is Michelle Nicole Colthrust founder and owner of Made BeYOUtiful🦋 by Michelle Nicole,

I am a Social Service Worker who currently works with supporting the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit & Paediatric families. On the side I create Self Love & Healing Products called Healing Gems. I also continue to share my life experience through my YOUTube Channel, in hopes of providing women and young girls with love & empowerment for self.

I believe Self Love is a lifestyle, it is your own personal, individual journey which makes all journeys unique. Self love is a step by step process and when committed to your own personal growth, the transformation could birth a new you.

Life has a way of throwing some heavy challenges in our direction and its how we show up for ourselves and navigate through the process.

I have been through many hurdles and I believe I am not here to be selfish with my hurdles which is why I am passionate about sharing my life experiences. An open book as many described me, but my openness has helped to heal many and that in itself is the reward for me.

I created this page for you to explore.



“Self Love is such a force, a power and strength within that shines so bright on the outside it frightens only those who are not suppose to be in or around this light.” 💫