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My Personal Suggestions~

I got tired of paying an arm-and-a-leg for wholesome, high-quality bath and beauty products. AND I have sensitive skin. Most products I've purchased at the store (with my fingers crossed) have caused me to itch or breakout (gross!). SO, I developed my own bath and beauty products for the good of mankind (I'm no Mother Teresa, but I'll accept the compliment) It makes me feel good sharing such a pure and luxurious experience-in-a-jar that you just don't get from a $5 bath bomb made with harmful chemicals.

Treat yourself!
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Recommendation #1

Bath Tea. 4 baths, $20
Made with just a handful of the highest quality, 100% Organic ingredients out there, you get the rejuvenating, luxurious experience you've been aching for. Custom options available. Venmo @madsen420

Recommendation #2

Bath Sprinkles. 3 bottles of 'em. $14
Laced with Lavender, Peppermint, and Orange Essential Oils to Maximize Skin Comfort and Rejuvenation Inside and Out. Sprinkle your Next Bath Experience with One of These up Your Naked Sleeve. Venmo @madsen420

Recommendation #3

More bath tea. 4 baths, $20
Made with just a handful of the best quality, 100% Ogranic ingredients out there, you get the rejuvenating experience you've been aching for. Venmo @madsen420