Made In The Gym

Mind. Body. Soul

I journey on earth with a few things in mind; to love, to learn and to be uniquely divine. This pathway I choose with its twists and its turns have written the lessons for me to learn. And this pathway I walk in darkness and light continues to guide me with no ending sight.

At times, I’m headed in numerous directions. I consider my options, then make my selection. Every step that I take is part of my story composed of failure, blame, triumph and glory. The bumps, bruises and scars have taken a toll; sadness and anger have injured my soul. But I persist and follow with lessons in hand; filling life’s backpack whenever I can.

Now the wisdom I’ve gained from the miles I’ve traveled is teaching how life unpredictably unravels. Some events that occurred filled me with pain; to seek inner peace was difficult to attain. Other events that transpired filled me with love and that soon followed was sent from above. It began to make sense. I was living to learn, so the pathway I chose just took a new turn.

So the pathway I travel is the path I create. The twist and the turns have now been paved straight. Life has its lessons that strives to cancel, but the path I do walk on has now been revealed.

Follow me on my journey of life. 🔮🌙🌱✝️

-Michelle, Your Fitness BFF