About Me

Hey there, girl! Thanks so much for stopping by, whether it’s to learn more about mental health, you’re interested in the sales I post about or you’re here for some life inspiration! My name is Madeleine Scroggin, I’m from the Bay Area in California and live with the love of my life. I’m a simple woman with a simple mission; I hope to live my life to the fullest everyday and make a difference in people’s lives. I lived in the Central Valley for most of my life, attended community college and graduated from Fresno State with my Bachelor’s in Psychology in December of 2017. I was a Phi Mu back in my sorority days and so thankful for the wonderful friendships and connections I made in my undergraduate journey. I will write a lot in this blog about education, my passions and how to make your own personal dreams a reality! In February 2018 I decided to move in with my boyfriend to start my first big girl job and look for master’s programs. I am currently a graduate student at Santa Clara University in the Counseling Psychology Program and loving every single minute of it. This master’s program has been so therapeutic for me in many ways and also a sign that I am meant to be in the field I am in. I currently work as a family specialist at a non-profit mental health agency, working with the most vulnerable, at-risk youth in the Silicon Valley, cases ranging from foster care, CPS cases, probation and juvenile hall kiddos, and of course youth with mental health issues. I am SO privileged and honored to do the work I do and blessed I get to be a part of these children’s journeys and hopefully make positive impact in their lives. Along with work and school, I absolutely LOVE shopping. You shall discover hopefully in this blog that I love a good sale, and sharing it with everyone! Whether it’s sharing beauty, makeup, skincare, clothes, shoes, home decor, and lifestyle things that have value, I love sharing it with all of you! I hope you find it helpful, fun and uplifting! Remember, it’s good to treat yourself every now and then! Feel free to explore my blog with all the tabs to see all the things I’m passionate about. I have such a strong passion about life, living it to the fullest, being kind to others and empowering others! More than anything, I hope you leave my blog with a good sale, a good read or some good inspiration so you can go live your best life!