Madeline's Cover Letter

Madeline ♥️ Envato

(Cover photo descriptor: High school girls working with Arduino parts at a coding and electronics workshop I ran)

Hi! My name is Madeline and my pronouns are she/her.

I’m a great fit for Envato’s Apprentice Developer Program because of the following reasons.
🧑‍💻I love learning and coding
🌟I love the work that Envato does for the community
👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏽I love the cause behind Envato’s Apprentice Developer Program for candidates who identify as women

🧑‍💻Me + Coding/Learning
I love to code and I love to learn. Most of love I love learning by doing!
I am currently a part-time Master of Computer Science student with GPA 4.0/4.0 having previously completed the Le Wagon full-stack development bootcamp. The most exciting part of learning for me is applying what I’ve learnt to build projects. Some of my favourite projects that I’ve worked on include: (i) A MOOC (Massive Open Online Coursework) learning hub which puts all your Coursera/edx/Udemy progress in one place to make online learning with friends social.. and slightly competitive in a good way, (ii) A notes making platform that automatically generates flashcards and learning schedule from user’s notes, (iii) Hardware/software project sponsored by Monash University that helps the diagnosis of Parkinson’s. For my technology and innovation work I’ve been rewarded with honours such as Google DSC Hackathon’s Most Innovative Award, MIT Innovation Bootcamp Global Finalist and Community Favourite Award at International Student Science Fair (Moscow).

🌟Me + Envato
I love Envato’s products and the platform’s impact: (i) helping creatives make an income from their work, (ii) making design and in turn also making starting a business more accessible to all.
Through awesome products like Milkshake and Envato Market, Envato has helped countless people pursue their dreams be it to create a start-up or start freelancing. How do I know this? When I was a university student starting my for-impact startup STEMSparX which aimed at closing the metro-regional STEM achievement gap in Australia, I found myself flooded with design tasks that seemed inaccessible and even daunting for young entrepreneurs like myself – that’s when I discovered Envato. With Envato’s products I was able to create a website, design flyers/letterheads and other merchandise, these design assets were crucial in helping us secure funding and in turn deliver STEM workshops to young girls from across Victoria. This is the type of impact I would love to be a part of if given the opportunity to join Envato’s engineering team.

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏽Me + Women in Coding
Thank you Envato for the opportunity to apply for this role. I will do my best to empower other women in tech!
Upon reading Nikki Ricks Medium article and David Scott’s article on Envato Blog I was immediately drawn to Envato’s culture and the amazing cause behind the program. If given the honour to join the Envato Apprentice Developer Program, I will strive to empower other women in technology.

Thank you for reviewing my application!