Madeline Wiseman

Personal info

College Freshman at Belmont University located in Nashville, TN working towards a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Health. After graduating from Belmont, I plan to continue my education to earn my Associates Degree in Nursing to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a Public Health Nurse. Born and raised in Southern California.

Before working for MONAT, I worked at a local coffee shop as a barista! Fun fact—I am a coffee addict!

Always looking to help others become the best version of themselves, helping them become confident, and live happier and healthier!

MONAT story

As a teenager, I understand the pressures of always trying to look a certain way. Being confident in your own skin is such a struggle. Correcting ourselves to be what we think is “perfect,” is simply not reality.

Helping other people become happier with their own results and progression brings me so much joy.

With the opportunity I received from MONAT, not only have I come to love myself and become happy with the person I am, but also have the ability to help other people become happier with their own self as well.

If you have any questions or want to talk about your personal progression, please feel free to DM me, as they will always stay open! :) Love and support is what I want to provide most!

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My Top Picks/Favorites

MONAT blowout hair cream

Without a doubt, I have been OBSESSED with this product. So many people have been asking me how my hair looks so silky smooth... THIS is the reason!!

The Blowout cream is a miracle worker!

- works on all hair types
- restores softness and shine
- won’t weigh your hair down
- reduces styling time and conceals damage
- silicone-free heat protection
- blowout that will last!!!