Hi, I’m Madie, a 20-something year old ready to START HER LIFE! (If you’re really really wondering, I’m 21 but 20-something just sounds cooler).

I’m in college at the moment but just wandering around waiting for big things to happen for me- so I decided, why not make the big things happen myself?

I’ve got lots and also simultaneously nothing going on right now but I’m ready to live and have a good time and love myself.

Some random facts in case you need them:
I have cats and love them
I work for my favorite clothing brand
I intern at a non-profit
I can’t stop spending my money


be present, be bold, be you, be happy, live life, love life


(In no particular order)

You could just listen to my Spotify playlist for this but here you go. I’m a musician so my opinion is Valid.


Cool Out - Matthew E. White and Natalie Prass

If you’ve seen To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, this is the song playing when the credits roll and it’s just SO GOOD. I’ve loved it since. I’m gonna make a movie called To All The Songs I’ve Loved Before and this will be the very first song.


Sedona - Houndmouth

If you want to know how 2020 sounded for me, it was this song. I originally found it probably on Hozier radio which I listened to a lot but it was my top song for 2020 and a top song in my heart still.


Harvest Moon - Poolside

I used to work at a restaurant and you don’t know how many times this played on our pre-made pandora station and it was the only song I could stand that we played. Every day I waited for it to come on and it brought me a few minutes of peace in my hateful days there.


Greek Tragedy - The Wombats

A Tik Tok song, yes I know, but that doesn’t make it any less good. The remixes however are not very good. I am an Original Version Purist for this song.


Easy (with Kacey Musgraves feat. Mark Ronson) - Troye Sivan, Kacey Musgraves, Mark Ronson

GOOD SONG. All I need to say.


Way It Goes - Hippo Campus

The kind of song where you have no idea what the words are but it’s good and sounds good. I’ve googled the lyrics multiple times and still don’t know all of them but I love it.


Are You Bored Yet? (Feat. Clairo) - Wallows, Clairo

There’s a reason this song is the opener on my favorite Spotify playlist. This playlist is all I listen to. And this is the first thing that comes on every time.


Glue - Nat & Alex Wolff

Cool Kids listened to the Naked Brothers Band once upon a time so this is just the updated version of these Naked Brothers. All of their songs are good but this is the one that stays consistently in my rotation


Superposition - Young the Giant

This is one of those songs where I don’t even remember the first time I heard it. I’ve just seemed to always love it. I hope you love it.


Something Has To Change, Maybe You’re the Reason, and Saw You In A Dream - The Japanese House

They’re just all so good. They’re so so good.


South - Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus played a show in my college down (down the street from my apartment I might add) my sophomore year and I didn’t go. What was I thinking??????


No Sleep - Caamp

In case you couldn’t tell yet, I have a strong emotional connection to most of these songs. This one is not specific though I just really like it.


Buttercup - Hippo Campus

One time my roommate told me he liked this song in the car and I was elated. I thrive off of people complimentary my music taste.


So Cool - Caamp

I want to be cool. So cool.


Bambi - Hippo Campus

Is this not just the coolest sounding song?? It’s just so cool I want to embody how this song sounds.


Talk! - The 1975

I like a lot of The 1975 songs but I love this one because it’s on my favorite playlist and I listen to it the most. But they are all good. This one was just on the playlist I’m going through to make this list. I listen to it every day. Any time I drive. It’s pretty much the only playlist I listen to..... and I made it.


Daft Pretty Boys - Bad Suns

Daft is such a good word. This is such a good song.


Brazil - Declan McKenna

Ok this one is on every playlist ever made but it is a staple so it had to make it on this list.

I really need to start reading more...

Books I’ve read this year

#1 The Song of Achilles

By Madeline Miller

This is my all time favorite book. I read it first years and years ago and reread it for the for first time this summer and couldn’t put it down. I know it is one of the most popular books right now and very cliche of me to say it’s my favorite but when I tell you I’ve never loved a book like I’ve loved this one......... I mean it.

#2 They Both Die at the End

By Adam Silvera

So amazing. So hope crushing. I got both of my roommates to read it and it had resounding reviews from all 3 of us. Should be called Everyone Dies At The End because I also died when I read it I swear.

#3 Red, White, & Royal Blue

By Casey McQuiston

Not done yet but so so good so far

#4 The Flatshare

Good Book

#5 Anthropocene Reviewed

By John Green

Havent finished this one yet but i LOVE it

#6 One Last Stop

By the author of Red, White, and Royal Blue. Such an amazing book with the BIGGEST twists i never saw coming. Amazing romance. Great story. 10/10

#7 In Five Years

SO GOOD. I wasn’t expecting almost ANYTHING that happens in this boom. Such a great and quick read

#8 We Were Liars

Amazing. Only word I can describe it with.


Life, Life, Life

Life can be hard and life can be tough and I’m not trying to discredit that. But why is life IMPOSSIBLE sometimes? Some days I feel the toughness of life when I don’t want to go to school and skip a class or two. Life is impossible when I skip 8 days in a row. Life is hard on me when I find it difficult not to spend lots of money. Life is impossible when I spend money I don’t have and when I’m left with $2 to my name until my next paycheck. Life can get you down when you feel lonely but life is impossible when you do it to yourself.


It won’t.

Starting now.