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I share my favorite hair + skin products and provide others with an opportunity to turn their scroll time into $$$. It’s that easy! I am a dental assistant with school bills to pay and needed something to do at the side from anywhere, so I decided to take the chance and work off of my phone! Here is how you can too...

What do you get when you join?

A beauty box full of products just for you! These nontoxic, anti-aging, vegan products will transform your skin + hair. These beauty boxes are friendly to any budget, ranging from $199-$799, with each product lasting 6 to 8 months. The more you spend, the more you save, as each box comes with a different number of products just for you.

+ unlimited bonuses! When you start your own biz with us, you only have to buy a box of beauty products one time and promote them (you’ll love them so much this will be easy). This is seriously a steal as these boxes are for YOU, meaning no inventory! As you promote these products, and match others to products that work for them, you qualify for bonuses! The best part? There is no cap to the amount of bonuses you can make, meaning you could make $1,300 in your first two months like I did!

So what comes with the purchase of a beauty box?
-products for you to use
-a personalized website + online office
-a 30 to 50% off discount
-opportunity to earn free products
-access time flash sales and promos
-5 to 6 paychecks monthly
-social media training + content calendars
-one on one training with your mentor in person or on the phone
-personal development calls lead by leaders
-weekly training calls
-opportunity to qualify for a brand new Cadillac paid for by the company
-the ability to earn profit shares in the company
-the opportunity to qualify for free trips paid for by the company (last year the trip was to Cancun)!
-no monthly fees or obligations
-no requirements to hold inventory or to resell
-no monthly quotas/minimums/requirement to sell
-a girl gang that will push you to be your absolute best self & support you endlessly (seriously the best community ever)
-one on one mentoring from me & unlimited access to resources that will help you be successful
Most importantly - the chance to be your own boss, to become financially free, to get your time back to spend with loved ones, and to work on your own terms.

•must be 18+
•must be located in the US, Canada, Ireland, or Poland (Europe, Australia, and Asia are coming soon)!
•must be motivated + willing to be coached
•must be able to communicate on a weekly basis

Let’s get real -
If it’s been on your mind, here is your sign. You don’t have to be a starving college student living off ramen, an adult working a 9 to 5 you hate, or a mom who wishes she could work from home so she could spend time with her kids. I have moms-to-be, college drop outs, nursing students, full time nurses, etc. on my team! This biz can be adapted into any lifestyle, and there is only things to gain from this side hustle! We work with men and women in all walks of life in this biz, and guess what? We all make it work!

So if you have a dream and a burning desire to change your life and/or the lives of others, this is for you. Worse case, you decide it’s not your thing & get a full refund within 30 days. Best case, you make your dreams a reality.

So ask yourself, what do you REALLY have to lose by taking a leap?

Join my team and we’ll create the life we want!

I am born and raised in Austin,Texas. I am a registered dental assistant at a pediatric office! I needed a second job that I could choose my hours. I am excite to see where this journey will take me and who else I can help!
Thank you for taking the time to read more about me, now I would like to get to know you!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡