About Me!!

Fun facts about me!!!

Hey, guys!!

I just wanted to share a few fun facts about me!

1.) I am 21 years old! My birthday is on Halloween actually! I am newly married and it’s the BEST thing ever!

2.) My dream place to live would be Maui, Hawaii. I picture Johnathan and I, a baby, and a dog all living in a beach hut on the sand. (I can’t wait to have tan babies!!!)

3.) My husband and I started dating when I was 15. We went to the same high school and he asked me to our schools homecoming! It’s been a dream ever since.

4.) I absolutely LOVE spending every second of every day with my husband. My dream would be to never leave his side ever. Ever, ever. (Not joking at all) He is my biggest inspiration. He loves so passionately and is the most selfless person I know.

5.) I have 3 siblings! I am the oldest of the 4! My brother @williammouw is on a full ride scholarship for golf and is going professional soon! @tarynmouw is my absolute best friend! We hangout everyday and she definitely keeps my young and in the trends and lingo. @treymouw is the youngest up and coming entrepreneur. He is the smartest 16 year I’ve ever met and is always finding new ways to make money.

6.) I LOVE coffee. I’m on a hiatus from drinking it though at the moment and am newly obsessed with green tea. (Coffee tends to give me anxiety lately) Everywhere we go we make sure we find cool coffee shops along the way! It’s one of the reasons we love traveling so much!

7.) I’ve lived in Southern California most of my life! I lived in Iowa for a short time when I was a baby but we moved back in the same year!

8.) My family owes a chicken farm and we sell most of our eggs through a drive through egg store! I work here sometimes to help my dad out!

9.) One of my biggest fears are BIRDS! I absolutely hate birds! When I was like 10, in Palm Springs on spring break, I was walking back to my pool chair (with food) and got viciously attacked by a bird. (He tried lifting me up by the hair with his claws and his wings were slapping me in the face) Since then I’ve never liked birds.

10.) Some of my favorite hobbies are traveling, traveling and traveling! I love being on the move and seeing new places! Another thing I find absolute joy in is decorating.