Hey there! I’m Madison Morrigan (Hedlund)

New site and updated offerings coming March 2020.

I facilitate brave conversations and courses that give women-identifying leaders, visionaries, healers and creatives the space, tools and embodied activation to come home to their authentic selves and create a life grounded in their worth, wholeness and personal power.

After working directly with 300+ women and supporting thousands as they awakened to their true selves over the last 5 years, I have found that it’s these 3 elements are the portal through…

SELF WORTH: Your portal to seeing yourself clearly, belonging to yourself, validating yourself and the possibility of a life on your terms. This is the groundwork of stripping back the programming and beginning to self-attach; attuning to your needs, desires and feelings. You can begin to go after the life, relationships and career you are made for all because you know you’re worthy of it.

WHOLENESS : Your portal to embodying congruence in your mind, body and spirit where a levity, resilience and deep joy for life begin to emerge. You decide to be honest with yourself and let every part of you be welcome to the table (light and shadow alike). You decide to honor what’s real for you with curiosity, acceptance and grace. This is what I call true salvation.

POWER : Your portal to being in your creative flow, leading with integrity and allowing yourself to show up and be seen.  Boundaries, self-trust and discernment allow you to make the changes you need to make with love without waiting for outside permission or approval.  You’re living the life you’re worthy of because you have agency, from the inside out.

I believe it’s in this authentic, soul-aligned way of living that we find we can be liberated and sourced from the inside out, all because we belong to and with ourselves.


Madison Morrigan is a 3x international award winning life coach and speaker who helps womxn embody their worth, power and fullness. Centered on self-responsibility and resilience, Madison coaches ambitious and creative women as they shed layers of old programming keeping them small and finally come home to their true selves.
Madison is located in Springfield, Missouri and calls the Midwest home. She has her degree in interpersonal communication with an emphasis in psychology from Missouri State University, has a certificate in conflict resolution and legal mediation, and is proudly Certified BYCA Coach.