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“ You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Hey beauts, thank you for joining me. Now let me tell you a bit about myself and how I got involved. Hi I’m Madison and I come from a small city known as Dartmouth. I know so Boring right. I grew up with a brother and a sister, who are both older. My mom was a single mother of 3 going to school and working. I decided I wanted more for myself and more time with family. my mom and boyfriend are my biggest supporters!. I spend most of my time working and going to school. I miss being able to have fun. I came across this business on a Instagram account I had been following for a couple years who is now my mentor! and it seemed like a dream come true. Almost To good to be true. I will get to Work from home and get all I want out of life!. Of course I was sceptical as all of us are, but I decided on April 15th 2021 that I wanted to change my life, so I decided to take that first step. You all can come on this journey with me!