Why is Monat different!?

Ok here’s the tea...

Monat is an anti aging, vegan, non toxic, cruelty free hair, skincare, and wellness line!

Did you know that your scalp is the #1 fastest aging part on your body?!

Well not to worry! Monat focus on scalp health with our patented ingredients helping give the best foundation for hair growth, fullness, and shine like never before!

Our Rejuvenique Oil that in infused in all our products mimics our body’s natural oils on a cellular level penetrating all 3 layers of our hair and skin reviving our hair like none other!

All backed my scientist and dermatologist with clinically studies!

Sounds great!

How do I order?!

The most affordable way to get your hands on these goodies is our VIP program! Think of an amazon prime for HAIR! But without the annoying monthly fee!! YUP that’s right, no monthly fees or order requirements.

With a one time $19.99 membership fee (You’ll never have to pay that again!) you’ll get
- 15%-25% off everyday
- Access to exclusive sales
- $10 back every time you order over $100
- $25 off for your birthday
- Access to free shipping
- Free products
- 30 money back guarantee

And me as your rep :)

Once you fill out your quiz, I will email you a virtual cart and we go from there!

What if I want more? —

Ever thought about monetizing your time on social media? Earning an extra source of income? Adding value to other?

If you answered YES to any of those options, the Market Partner if for you!

What is a Market Partner?
Basically you use and love the products while sharing them with your friends and family!

- No sales quota or obligation to perform
- No monthly purchase requirements
- Free marketing site
- No capped comp plan & bonus structure in smart start
- 30% and more discount off products
- 3 tiered car program
- Opportunity to earn trips
- Free trainings
- Supportive and driven community
- Opportunity to partner with our gratitude program to give back!

Work with me!

Why Monat?

Is the world of direct sales, WHY MONAT?

Why YOU Want To Become A MONAT Market Partner

•Ground Floor! We are so NEW (a little over 6 years) and the opportunity to build something big with Monat is actually achievable versus other companies that have been around for years and years!

• Our comp plan is not even comparable with any other MLM Company, we paid 5% more in commissions last year than ANY other MLM Company and we are only 6 years old!

• Monat is made for EVERYONE! Men - Women - Children ALL ages & ethnicities! Oh and don’t forget your furry friend too!

• NO COMPETITION. Monat is the first & ONLY anti aging hair care company in Network Marketing world! 🌎

•We have a consumable product. When people run out they need to buy more and more. Which means residual income for you.

• You do NOT have to to sell this product, you just have to SHARE it! 🙌

•We have a less than 1% return rate on our products

Check us out!