Building our best life

Hiii!!! I’m Michelle, I’m a stay at home mom of 2 boys, wife of 10 years to my soul mate Josh. We moved from PA—>FL in 2019!

I am passionate about health, wellness and nutrition. I am a strong believer in you need to get to the root of things before you’re able to truly fix the issue. Which is why I fell in love with my online business 3 years ago!

I’m all about the natural remedies and plants will heal everything. 🌱 So when I was introduced to a company that produced plant based products I knew I was in the right place! My passion for nutrition also grew out of helping others find a healthier way to gain their lives back!

In turn, my passion for helping others grew even more outside of helping with with their health but also help them make an income from their phone. So I have been able to help many ladies and gentlemen find freedom in their lives.

As well as lift a burden off my husbands shoulders. Being able to provide an income from home with our kids by our side, travel more and do things we want when we want.

Our dreams are to live a life of freedom. Where we live off the lands and show our children how to provide for themselves. Never relying on others and to be strong independent men who shows others love and respect! ✌🏻

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