All about me

My name is Madison Dalia Martinez. I was born in Mesa, Arizona on April 4th 2001. I wasn’t the only person that came out my mother that day, another girl, named Illiana Martinez decided to come with, my twin sister. Also being the last day I was alone, I waited 17 minutes in the womb to meet up with my family, but beauty takes extra time to cook up.
I graduated at Evit and Campo Verde high school. I was in a criminal justice program at East Valley technical school, which also led me to join the Army National Guard.
I left for basic training in 2019, the year before Senior year, graduated in the top 10% of my class of 250. I was the platoon leader and went through a lot of obstacles and which became some of my best memories. I came back and did my senior year, continuing my education at campo verde high-school and graduated in 2020. Which i left to do my Advanced individual training as a logistics supply specialists and returned to a medical combat unit to work further into my army career for the next 5 years.
I plan on starting a career in film acting and take lessons in Howie Acting Studio and have been going for a few months, as well as studying business at CGCC. I’ve been interested in acting and tv since i was 8 years old. I did theatre in junior high and some throughout high-school. It’s something i’ve always loved and wanted to do.


My Top Picks


let me put you on some things I love !

Girl wash your face ! by Rachel Hollis

Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be is a self-help book

New Girl - TV show

1 quirky girl and 3 guy roommates just making it’s through life in LA
“Do i regret it? yes. Would i do it again? probably. “

Evan Mcintosh

New upcoming artist, soft indie like music.


When fast-talking lawyer Jeff Winger finds his degree has been revoked, he is forced to go back to school at Greendale Community College. He meets 6 other people, who have all different backgrounds and personalities come together in a study group and experience different adventures in this wild community college. Its witty, charming, hilarious and always something new in each episode.
100/10 recommend.

“ Britta, we are ALL the worst right now, take a day off (dean)”.

Anything Goes - Emma chamberlan

this is a podcast!
Emma Chamberlan is basically a free therapist, talks about serious to funny and relatable things, honestly anything goes on this podcast. From relationships, money, social media, anxiety, and all around much needed advice. It’s very eye opening and also very funny.