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Hi welcome to Mad Waves: travel and surf! This website is a surf clothing brand and also a travel blog! Feel free to check out our amazing clothes and look at the beautiful destinations we’ve gone to! Here you can find all the holiday advice and tips for when you travel to tropical North Queensland!

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Mint green hoodie

This hoodie is perfect for brisk mornings when the air is cold but the surf is perfect. For the low price of $30

Mint green board shorts

Our perfect board shorts for all your surfing needs! Fits well to the body’s so you can surf without worrying about you pants falling off! For only $20

Mint green bikini

The perfect swim suit for anyone! In our signature colour and style! For only $25

Mint green sun dress

An amazing choice for a hot day at the beach! This dress is perfectly design to keep you cool even on the hottest day! It’s in our signature colour for the low price of $40

Mint green rash vest

This is for when the sun is burning down and you are worried about getting burnt! For the low price of $30

Mint green hat

Perfect for keeping your face sun safe. Only $25

Mint green surf board

Perfectly designed to help beginners and even pro’s. Only $105

Our signature sticker!

Only $2.50

Our motto

“Life is better when you surf”