Release the fear and become empowered

Kia ora, I'm Nadine and I'm so happy you've found yourself here.

As an Empowerment Coach, my purpose in life is to help you release your past and become the empowered being that you were born to be!

I've been coaching for close to 2 years and I've helped everyday people become the BOSS of their mindset and the BOSS of their lives!

When my Dad passed away in 2013, it was a reminder at how precious life truly is and how we have every power within ourselves to love and be loved, to live and live on our own terms!

With a background in NLP, Life Caoching, Health and Safety, Wellbeing Management and Behaviour and Habitual Change Management, I'm here to remind you just how powerful you really are!

Love & Light

Nadine x

1:1 Coaching - Work with me!

Radical Growth and Empowerment

Over the last few years, I have worked with a number of amazing, beautiful souls that have all made unbelievable changes in their lives.

You're the next one, are you not?

I have a number of offers available that can help to catapult you back up the mountain that you feel as though you're struggling to climb!

Your life, your map of the world and your being itself, is capable of everything you desire AND SO MUCH MORE!

Below is a list of my offerings.
For bookings or enquiries, please message on Instagram, Facebook or email (links in offerings below).

Empowerment sessions - Got a problem or an issue? Are you stuck on what it is you're wanting in life? Are you stuck on what your soul purpose is? Are you wanting a breakthrough and to feel the empowerment within you to change it, book now!

Radical Growth
You're ready to level up, are you not? In 6 weeks, you will:
• identify where you want to be in life
• identify what you want to be in life
• identify the HOW to get there
• learn what self love, self care, self doubt and self sabotage look like to you.
• understand what your true core values are.
• understand your own personal boundaries and rules for protecting yourself and your means.
• learn to be seen!
• rediscover & reconnect with your true self
• release all the fear that was holding you back
• become aware of your feelings, thoughts, emotions and beliefs
• start to love and embrace yourself again!
• rediscover the true power and control that you have over your life and reach your biggest, most extraordinary goals you could imagine!

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