Hi there, I'm Maegan!

Maybe, just maybe....your biggest issue in life is that you THINK about it, more often than you LIVE it!

Thanks so much for connecting with me, I am sooo happy that your here! <3

Lets start back at the beggining, back before I had my shit together! I was a professional quiter, I partied, drank, and did drug to feel "okay" and I was QUEEN of excuses! I lived on the streets for a year, wallowing i my self pity, until I got sick and tired, of being sick and tired!

Today, it goes a little something like this....full time collage student working 3 jobs to make ends meet, TURNED full time stay at home dog mom at 27. There is too many things in my story to unpack here, that more people relate to than not. I was  college drop out, I worked a million job and quit or got fired from every single one of them. I went through crap cars faster than I could say stop, leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere, usually! BUT, today I am here to teach you how going against the grain, calling yourself out on your BS & finally believing in yourself can change EVERYTHING. I was able to quit my full time jobs in just 6 months, created a five figure team, and lost over 80lbs and honestly - I know what the heck I'm doing!!

I'm just here to teach you, now! I want to get to the point where you question your own reality, because it is SO good and you are absolutly obsessed with your life!

Let's start this chapter, sis. It's gonna be the plot twist nobody saw coming!