Your people

Who’s got your back? Who’s your people?

This is a little bit of a sappy post, and I’m sorry for being M.I.A. !! I’ve had a busy couple months!!

Let’s get straight to it.

A year ago, I found myself with the wrong crew.

But I never pictured myself there.
I always thought I’d be with the same people I had in high school. That group. I was wrong.

As we grow up, and get through high school, we graduate. We move, well, some of us. Some of us stay. Especially if you’re me. I kept telling myself I wanted to get out of this town. I was wrong.

I was jealous of my friends getting to experience college, but one thing I noticed a year later. 90% of them came back within 6 months to a year of leaving.

Fast forward a couple years, I attend a new church on a random Thursday night in the middle of March. I was like.. “a thursday..? why am I here??”

The moment I walked through that door it made sense.

I was greeted by a new friend, but in the moment it felt like I had known her my whole life. I found myself feeling comfortable, I knew I was in the right place.

Within a month, I had rededicated my life to Jesus, and then I got baptized. I couldn’t see my life without Him, and over months, and months, some of the best people i’ve ever been around.

Being around these people taught me love. They taught me trust. They taught me patience. They’re my shoulder to cry on.
When I hit my knees, I feel hands on my back. When one of us cry’s, we all cry.
When one is hurt, we all hurt. When one of us needs prayer, we pray. Right there. No matter where.

I’ve lead worship in a Waffle House with these people. (Yeah — you read that right.)

It’s the friend you’ve known only a month grab your hand during worship to say “I’m just happy you’re here.”

It’s the friend you can call when you feel as if you’ve totally messed up.

It’s the friend you can call on no matter what time it is.

It’s the friend who goes & eats at the same mexican restaurant with you just to chat.

It’s the friend who will cry with you.

It’s the friend who will just hold you as you cry over that boy you dated for years just broke your heart.

It’s the friend who will say it’s all gonna be okay, even though neither of you will know the outcome.

It’s the friend who grabs you and brings you to the altar with her.

It’s the friends who tell you to get in the car, because you’re going to the beach. (Spontaneous trips are the BEST)

I’m not perfect. And they seem to love that about me. They seem to love everything that makes me who I am.
They seem to like my crazy jokes and my ridiculous laugh.

You’re gonna have people in this life who will try to drag you down.
But let me tell you this.
You’re gonna have people who are going to pick. you. up.

This life is tough, my friend.

Don’t do it alone.

We are right here.

Love always,

Your friend,

Mae. <3

Why I’m Here

My name is Mae! I am 20 years old and i’m here to simply chase after Jesus.
You see, this hasn’t always been what I wanted, I’ve been lost in worldly temptation and desires, but God got a hold of me and finally put my feet on solid ground and now i’m never going to be the same. Which I can live with. Because i’m better than I was before, instead of a mind set of what is the world going to think, it’s a “Is this going to be for God & His glory?”

I’m a worship leader, believer, friend, & daughter. I believe that Jesus will use this platform to reach who it needs to reach.

I’m so excited to share my heart through a weekly post about what God has laid on my heart!

Remember, HE IS GOOD!

Here I am, God!

What’s holding you back?

When God is calling us, we can try to run, but if you haven’t figured it out yet — you can’t out run God!

As I started to just dig into God’s word, I started doing devotions, I started listening to sermons on YouTube, and SO MANY podcasts!

One of my biggest influences is Sadie Robertson, and as I read her devotion “Live on Purpose”, I read about the work “Hineni”.

You’re probably like, “Mae, what does that even mean..?”
Hineni means “Here I am, God” — with no distraction or disturbance, & no limitation!

As I read this, I was shook to my core. My heart skipped a beat, and I could hear God just speaking to me.
Realizing how hesitant i’ve been to just go and do what God has called me to do.

I realized in that moment, I had to drop my safety net and just trust that God’s plan was better than my own. I quit my secure job, started leading worship again after months of not doing it, I basically moved to another city for a whole new job, to just come back home and work for my mom again. But somehow, some way, it was exactly what I needed.

I’m where I am today because I took a leap of faith. I still pray “Here I am, send me!” Every day. You see, where God sends you, He. Will. Provide. Rest assured in that, my friend!

Look at Isaiah 65:1, Jesus says, “Here I am, Here I am!”

Jesus prayed this prayer.

Drop your safety net my friend, and get ready, God is about to use you in the most amazing ways!

Remember, HE IS GOOD!