Welcome to my world of

Energetic Alchemy

Where you discover depth and lightness at the same time.

Where you fall into your soul’s loving embrace and can discover your own deepest wisdom.

Where you meet yourself in your most free and radiant essence to create and manifest from your most liberated soul aligned self.

I am

an Alchemist and a Creator

What do I love?
What brings me joy?
What am I passionate about?

For those of you who are into Metaphysics - I am a 3/5 emotional Manifestor, sun Virgo, moon Sagittarius with Aquarius Ascendant and quite some Leo in the mix.

earth energy!!! grounding, stability is missing (virgo) mystical & pragramtisch combo!

What is my experience in this lifetime?

What is different in my work than others? what is my unique flavour? what makes it sensationally unique?

Through my own inner journeys I remembered my many incarnations as healer, priestess and witch. Supporting and inspiring others to follow their soul’s calling and step into their own power is embedded in my soul’s ancient wisdom. And my intution has yet again led me to do the same in this lifetime.

My magical toolbox

✧ Energy Healing - Ancient Egyptian & Modern Modalities (Egyptian Sekhem, Spirit & Higher Self Healing)
✧ Reading of the Energetical Body
(Aura, Heart & Chakra Reading)
✧ Channeling - receiving messages
from Higher Self & Spirit
✧ Intuitive Oracle & Tarot Reading
✧ Spiritual Coaching

Always believe

in the Magic of your own Creation