Alittle about Me

Mama x 2 , Wife + Jesus is my Happy Place

Hi! I’m so happy your here. I’m Magdalena a boymama, wife, lover of jesus , Furniture Artist DIY home , beauty + skincare fashion, coffee + cookies 🍪!

I was Born in Poland but raised here in Connecticut . You can find me spending time with my family + close friends.
I am a recovering over indulgencer that lead me to make a lot of bad choices but Jesus came and saved me!

I am a sahm + furniture artist where I restore + hand paint truly unique pieces. This came out of love allowing me to be creative .
I hope we can be friends and I can help bring your furniture back to life .

You can always catch me at the beach!

My Skincare Story

Before I started using R+F , I honestly thought I had had a good skincare routine ( I mean I was using brands I bought from Sephora)! But my problem was I was cherry picking all my products, hoping it would give me the results the product said it would!
But sadly it didn’t. So I kept trying different things for years. Frustrated because I wasn’t seeing real progress + results!

I was suffering from ance scars, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone + discoloration!
I was self conscious about my skin and for a long time would never go out in public without make up on!

I had heard about Rodan + Fields. But I was skeptical. Honestly I thought it was just another hyped up expensive skincare brand!

So I kept trying other brands + cherry-picking products literally every few months!! Wow the inconsistency & different ingredients + random formulas hoping it would change my skin. Again sadly it did not!

That’s when I pulled up my big girl pants & swallowed my pride and decided to give R+F a try.
What did I have to loose?
They offer a 60 day money back guarantee!

Well it’s been 15 months of consistent use of R+F skincare! I finally got it right!
The right ingredients
The right formulations
The right order
The Results!

I will forever be grateful for R+F life changing skincare + the confidence of Glowing healthy skin.”

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