Maggie Clark

Hardworking video editor with industry experience

Maggie is a Canadian video editor and producer with experience working in the creative sectors of France, the UK and Denmark.

She obtained a Master's in Film Directing from the University of Edinburgh in 2018 and has since worked on the post production of several TV and film projects, including the Netflix series "The Eddy". Maggie was the principal editor on the short film "Radia", which competed as part of the official selection at Hot Docs 2020.

A strong communicator with a knack for storytelling, Maggie previously worked in a British advertising agency as a Junior Producer. Delivering TV and digital campaigns for major clients such as The Royal Bank of Scotland and Historic Scotland, Maggie quickly learned the ins and outs of agency life and what it takes to work in a fast paced, deadline driven environment.


Radia (2020)

Role: Editor

"Radia" is a documentary short about a Moroccan shepherd whose childhood circumstances prevented her from accessing an education, directed by Erica Beebe.

The film was part of the official selection at Hot Docs 2020 and the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2020.

The Eddy (2020)

Role: Second Assistant Editor

A Netflix series produced by Damien Chazelle, The Eddy follows a jazz club owner as he deals with the everyday struggles of running a live music venue in Paris.

Family Business, Season 2 (2020)

Role: Second Assistant Editor

A Paris family decides to turn its declining kosher butcher shop into the first French marijuana coffee shop in this French Netflix production.

Tongues (2019)

Role: Second Camera

Tongues is an experimental film about glossolalia or speaking in tongues directed by Màiri Lafferty.

Dancing With Trees (2019)

Role: Director / Editor / Camera

Three short films commissioned by the Scottish Storytelling Institute to accompany the launch of Dancing With Trees, a book of Scottish folk tales.

The three films, "Jack and the Dancing Trees", "Seal Island" and "St Mungo and the Robin", capture the rugged Scottish landscape that inspired the tales.

Anyone Can Buy a Seat at the Cinema (2018)

Role: Director / Editor

Short experimental film based on a poem by Laura Seymour, screened at the London Cinema Museum for Magma Poetry's launch of the Summer 2018 "Film Issue".

Scenes of a Marriage Inside a Hut on a Mountain (2018)

Role: Editor

In this short tragicomedy, the filmmaker and her new husband are depicted over the course of a couple of days on their honeymoon in the Swiss Alps. A documentary about love, loss and trauma.

La Vie en Vrai (2018)

Role: Director / Editor

A young woman tries to navigate between her online and offline personas in this observational documentary short about life in the digital age.

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