“I always did something I was not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow” -Marissa Mayer

Hey y’all! My name is Maggie. Thank you for checking out my page!

So here’s my story...

I’m a student at the University of Houston studying nutrition and fitness. My goal when I graduate is to be accepted to one of the 7 accredited naturopathic universities in order to become a holistic practitioner (ND). Holistic medicine is my passion and I believe that we should heal the mind, body, and spirit with whole foods and supplements rather than covering up symptoms with medication and surgeries.

I’ve always been the person in my family who strives to have different cards than the ones that I am dealt. I just moved from a small town in Pennsylvania called DuBois to Houston, Texas
by myself. It was by far the best decision I have ever made and I am so happy with the life that I chose to have rather than the one that I thought I would be stuck with. The past few months have taught me that if you stay in your comfort zone and follow the status quo, you’ll never conquer your dreams. That’s what brought me to Monat.

Monat is the way into learning about the business world, how to create your own success, and earning financial freedom. Everyone wants to make money while they’re peacefully sound asleep. Am I right??

My dream life is to just be able to pack my bags and travel the world whenever I want to. With this job, I will be able to. The 2 weeks of paid/unpaid vacation at a normal 9-5 just doesn’t settle with me. I also want to be able to attend as many concerts and festivals as I want without being worried that I’ll go broke. I want to spoil the people that I love (more than I already do). I want to buy my dad a house. I want to be the person that helps others change their lives and mindsets. I want to be able to go on mission trips and yoga retreats. I want to take cooking classes so that I can teach my nieces and nephews how to make chef-quality food. I don’t want money to hold me back from living the life that I deserve anymore.

I decided to become part of this business at 21 years old because i asked myself this one question. “Should I keep dreaming about this life that I could have one day or should I start day 1?”

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