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Mental Alchemy: DreamWork & Astral Travel

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What I provide is skills in Mental Alchemy to help with Meditation, Dreamwork and (my favorite) Astral Travel.

I teach people how to interpret the symbols of their dreams and have a close relationship with their dreamworld. Many answers and messages about our lives come to us in dreams but without the understanding of symbology, metaphor and emotionality, we miss out on gems that can be life changing.

I also teach people how to Astral Project and taste the spiritual realm for themselves. These experiences are magickal and give a profound understanding of one’s own spirit and the nature of reality that cannot be explained in words.

Meditation of course, will be the foundation to both practices.

For a Full Class on Dreamwork, working with the Dream Body and Learning to Fly (Astral Projection) please visit the link below to purchase the course (training will be delivered in multiple one-on-one sessions and prices are discounted if two or more participants are involved):


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