Magie’s Magic

Peace and Power to the People

Magic. Transformation. Healing. Fuck the system.

Meet Magie

A weird little witch who’d rather not be seen.

My name is Magie and I want to become mayor so I can transform the world around me. My passions are People and the Planet. I believe strongly in the power of community and want to uplift the voices of the unheard. Politicians should be advocates for those they represent, and that is simply all I am choosing to be. I am open to learning and want to hear from as many voices as possible. Regardless of who you are, where you came from, where you are at, or where you are going; no matter your age, whether you are old enough to vote yet or not, your opinion matters. You matter. Please reach out to me so I may make the future brighter for ALL. Thank you, Magie.
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People and Planet

Two broad yet interconnected systems that mean the absolute most to me, people and the planet. We need both to survive. Which is why both are my main focus in my life and this campaign. Something I like to think of is how there are “super foods” which often get highly valued, as they are so nutrient dense, but that’s only focusing on the blueberry, or whatever food you are thinking of, and excluding the value of the water, soil, sun, and ecosystem needed to make that super food grow. Often in society I feel we treat certain humans as super foods and completely shit on those who allowed that super food to survive.


The Power of Community

To live abundantly is not a fantasy but a reality we can create for ALL by building a strong community that supports the need of everybody. We all have skills and strengths to bring to the table and weaknesses where we need a helping hand. If we are willing to work together, within our community and on ourselves, we can accomplish anything. Let’s not forget even Beyoncé has a team. We all need support. We all need community. As mayor my community focuses will be predominantly on health care, including mental health, access to housing, education, and nutritious foods.