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Content Creator. Plus-Size Fashion Influencer. Micro-Blogger. A Magnet of Positivity.

Over the past few years social media has exploded with places of negative and positive outlets. Luckily, in those positives, it has created a space for that has allowed people like me, plus-sized, Black and womyn to finally express myself and hopefully help inspire others too. Through micro-blogging, fashion and makeup I hope to inspire others to l be drawn in like magnet to love themselves.

Stay You. Stay Positive. Stay Magnetic. 🧲🤎

#LoveYourNOWbody —

I use my hashtag #LoveYourNOWbody as a reminder to love the body you are in RIGHT NOW. Love the person you are, broken or not, RIGHT NOW. Fix whatever you want later or in the meantime, but love every part of yourself spiritually, emotionally and mentally RIGHT NOW.


Plus-size, but love the latest trends? Welcome to the clothes of your dreams, on a budget.


Blog Post #1

Only Thing You Can Take From Me Is Notes

I don’t know what it is about this last trip to Antigua, but I feel different now that I’m back. I haven’t felt like myself lately, but I started to wonder if that’s not me anymore. A lot of confusion I had towards specific goals and aspects of my life have become clear now. And I’ve refocused on what I need to do to achieve the things I want and how I kind of end up seeing my life going over the next ten years. Made some decisions about school, my love life, career, the status of existing relationships with friends and family; so I thought I’d share!

Emotional Healing

I got some real sh*t to work through to grow emotionally. I’ve really decided I need a therapist, and I’ve found some great sources for therapists that match cultural backgrounds online (DM me for links).

Cancel Culture

I hate “cancel culture”, but there are certain people in my life that I need to let go of. I need to learn to adjust to their absence, then allowing myself to be continually frustrated by their presence. I’m so scared of confrontation that I don’t allow myself to rid toxic people from my life.

Marriage Is Approaching

I’m trying to get married y’all. I want a partner with the same upbringing, goals, drive and loves me for all of me..the good and the bad. And I want to be with my potential significant other for a good like five years before I even think of that marrying them. So I realized “Oh Snap, I should actually start looking into this whole settling down thing”.

Grad School

I’m not ready for grad school just yet. I realized I was pushing myself into something based on comparing myself to others and societal time limits and cultural expectations. I’ll take the full year off and look to apply to the PhD program of my dreams for Fall 2022.

Blog Post #2

Unapologetically Black, Fat & Womyn

Lately I’ve been thinking of space and what it means and how everyone experiences it differently.

I Take Up Too Much Space

Growing up plus sized my surrounding spaces always felt uncomfortable. I sometimes felt too large around my smaller friends. My personality is big, loud, boisterous, hysterical. And even that felt too big sometimes.

The Black Dot

My color, growing up as black girl in predominantly white spaces also felt uncomfortable at times. Going to my friend’s homes and having to be hyper aware of possibly racist family members. Or being perceived as “stronger” than my white girl friends.

Only Fruits Should Be Blended

I had tried to blend in and change myself. Change my outfits, change my hair color, starved myself. So many exhausting unhealthy habits that drained me physically, mentally and emotionally. I tried so hard to change to fit into the spaces around me that were not accepting of my very differing intersectional identities.

The Good Space

The best thing about time is starting to come into your own and realizing that space is yours to claim. Space is yours to take up. Space is yours to be whoever you want to be. I took these simple pictures at a farm filled with white families in sandals and white tees. But I decided that living in my conceptualization of space, I will dress up whenever I deem fit. I will be unapologetically black at all times. I will be loving and proud of my body because it’s the only one I have. My space is mine. I will live in my truth. I will take up space.

Blog Post #3

Life threw curves at me, and I knew what to do with them

Living as a fat black womyn in our society is exhausting. So let me start with this. If these photos make you uncomfortable, that is on you! If you sexualize my body because it is in a two-piece swimsuit, that is on you! If you don’t like the way I look..you guessed it…THAT’S ALL ON YOU, HONEY.

It was so crucial for me to post these pictures today! Loving my body right now has felt like a radical act, which is the unfortunate truth everyday living as a big-bodied womyn. I’ll get raw with y’all. I had a family member Whatsapp message me, while here on vacation, randomly in the middle of the night, “you’re getting fat girl.” Like bro, I’VE ALWAYS BEEN FAT.

Loving Myself

I love myself and my body and push every day to praise it, but that one little message hurt a lot, and I did cry…I won’t lie. But spending days like this, at the beach, with other friends, embracing myself with no makeup and a swimsuit not initially created for my body type was so needed and so rejuvenating to my mental state.

How are you so confident?

Being in this body can sometimes feel so uncomfortable because of the judgement people place on you. So many times people DM me and ask me, “How are you so confident?” and to be honest, I can never answer the question because I really I don’t know-how.

All you need is YOU!

But having a good support system is a great start. Feeding yourself positive affirmations and body-positive media is a great start. Dressing up, dressing down, not getting dressed at all and taking pictures and evaluating them for the beauty and not the flaws within yourself is a great start. Starting somewhere is A GREAT START. All you need to do is start. All you need to do is try. All you need is YOU.

Start With Yourself

The countdown to Valentine’s Day has officially begun. Can y’all smell the love in the air? Or at least the self-love in the air?

I think a lot of times when we all think of Valentine’s Day, we think of the greeting card holiday it is. We think of the fancy date nights between couples. We think of the flowers, chocolates, and gifts. We think of the superficiality it may bring but rarely do we think of the importance and re-valuing it can have.

I ask you to think of this month of love in a new way…a new light..think of it as a time to focus on your self-love. How much one and attention have you given to yourself and your body lately? How much love have you given to others lately? How much love have you shown to the Black community during this #BlackHistoryMonth lately? How much love have you given...PERIOD?

I took these self-portraits a couple months ago and found that the best time to post them was now during this month of love because they are so raw, unedited, and pure. They tell my story and everlasting journey with #selflove. They remind me to be present in the body I have now even when I don’t always love it. Here’s my advice to y’all on how to start or continue a self-love journey that takes so much work in a society that tells you to hate everything about yourself.

Take photos of yourself constantly.

Grab a bluetooth capture remote on Amazon and get ready. The flattering and #unflattering parts of yourself included. Allow yourself to analyze the parts of your body that you hate and instead uplift them. I hate my nose, but it reminds me of my #ancestors. Most days I hate my #stomach, but posting pictures like this remind me that I can inspire even just one person to love themself a little bit more than the day before, as my baby Lester would say.

Self love photo shoots

I challenge you to say a self-love affirmation to yourself every day for 1 month, without fail. WATCH YOUR SELF #CONFIDENCE SKYROCKET. It may feel weird at first but as the days go on, you will feel more comfortable looking your own self in the eyes and telling yourself that you're beautiful and worthy and deserving of love at any size and with any perceived flaw.

You deserve luxury!

Self-care is IMPORTANT AND IS NOT A LUXURY, IT IS A NECESSITY! READ THAT AGAIN! Spending time on yourself, doing a face mask, reading your fave book, some alone-loving, taking a long tub bath are all self-care practices that should be done as much as possible, when possible to reset one's self. You deserve to treat yourself not only when you “earn it” but regularly.

Find a self-love outlet

And last but not least, my absolute fave, get dressed up or do your makeup. Looking good is feeling good. I’ve found that making all these #tiktok & #reels have been super helpful to my self-love journey lately. It forces me to try new things, and spend much needed time with myself admiring my own #beauty and practicing my craft.