About Maia

A 22 year old black trans woman creative who likes to use her voice to make the world a better place

Maia Bennett is 22 year old black creative trans woman, who has made it her priority to make the world a better place. She was born in raised in Greer, South Carolina where she started her journey of becoming a light worker/healer. She loves everything metaphysical and spiritual. She also has a passion for photography and film.

Maia loves her community and has made many contributions to helping her community. She wants to spread her message and wants everyone to use their voice to make the world a better place. She loves to reach out and be kind to any and everyone she meets. She is inspired by many activities and other people who want to change the world with their voice and their art.

A quote from Maia about why she wants to help others,

“I believe everyone is deserving of help and I believe that in order to make a change we have to want to change”

Maia’s YouTube channel

Learn about discovering yourself, lifestyle, self care and much more!

Maia posts every week talking about many things including her own spiritual journey and how she started taking her life in her own hands.

*negativity has left the chat*

Maia’s Conjured Gifts

Welcome to my shop, where I share my spiritual gifts with the world

Maia is a 22 year old trans woman who works with her spiritual gifts to help people and makes people feel like they have a purpose in this world. She was born and raised in Greer, SC where she grew up in very religious household and she grew up believing that the very God she served hated her for being who she was.

Maia took that same belief system and used to her advantage to make her life better and to help others realize their own divine power. She has always known she had spiritual gifts growing up but never really took the time to understand them until she got older and realized that she can use her abilities for good. She describes herself as a healer/root worker who works with the practice Hoodoo.

She uses her gifts to make candles, oils, spells, body butters, apothecary gifts and much more to help others. She wants to make a differencein the world and she wants to make people feel welcome into her space no matter what gender, race, religion, sexuality you are.