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🔹Garden & Patio Cleanings 🔹 Kitchen Cleanings 🔹Basic Cleaning 🔹General Light Duty Yard Work

We do a little bit of everything from indoor to outdoor.

General Light Duty Yard Work includes Waterings, Weeding, Planting, Trimming, and Clean Up.

Your Basic Cleaning Service involves a sweep of the whole house,minus personally selected rooms. It involves the making of beds, changing out the trash, sweeping, mopping, dusting, polishing furniture, disinfecting surfaces, countertops and tables. Gathering of the trash, vacuuming, etc.

There are many services we offer, we hope to have them all listed soon. Until then, if there are any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

We offer free estimates to local residents and charge a small fee to those outside of McDonald, Newton, Jasper or Barry Counties in Missouri. This is only to cover the ridiculous gas prices we're all facing at the moment.

Thank you for your wonderful patience as our business continues to blossom.

But more importantly Thank You For Your Support in getting us here!

General Light Duty Yard Work

Clean Up, Grass Cutting, Planting, Waterings, Weeding

Deep Cleanings

We charge by the room for our Deep Cleaning Services. Prices begin at $50/rm and up to 6 rooms.

Basic Cleaning

Prices vary based on clients specified needs and desires for their homes, gardens, campers, patios, yards, etc.

Our Services


Services Include:

▪️ Standard Clean
▪️ Deep Clean
▪️ Weekly & Biweekly Cleanings
▪️ Monthly & One Time Cleanings
▪️ Kitchen Cleaning
▪️ General Light Duty Yard Work
▪️ Office Cleaning
▪️ Residential & Commercial
▪️ Apartment & Air B&B's

Other Featured Services:

▪️ After Party Clean Up
▪️ Baseboards
▪️ Move In/Move Out Cleaning
▪️ Planting & Waterings
▪️ Weeding, Mulch, Harvest
▪️ Garden & Patio Cleanings
▪️ General Housekeeping
▪️Wood Polishing
▪️Organizing Cabinets/Drawers

✨ Before & After ✨

A Newton Co. Clean Up That We Really Enjoyed!

Deep Clean in McDonald county

Deep Clean After Renovation

This is a beautiful tiny home Bed & Breakfast. It sits right over a consistently flowing spring fed creek in McDonald County.

The home is beautiful when you first arrive, the outside is already cozy and then you walk in, you are welcomed into a very spacious and well thought of floor plan of a beautiful getaway home. Perfectly fitting for two!

This home was recently renovated and they are preparing for guests to stay over the summers and through the holidays! We consider ourselves blessed to have been able to clean up such a beautiful place. We managed to tediously clean everything from floor to ceiling and wall to wall! No traces of sawdust, clean window seals, disinfected everything's, clean and hydrated base boards, dust free and she's looking so splendid. Thank You Again To Our Beautiful Client and This Lovely Opportunity!

A Freshly Painted Foyer

The Welcome To My Home, Room

There's something very satisfying about adding a splash of color to your life. This couple recently bought a new home and really just wanted to liven the place up some and make it their own. They chose to go from a very pale and darkened yellow to this beautiful white with gray undertones Sherwin Williams interior coat. We set primer first to ensure that no colors faded thru with time and the paint laid nicely. We then built a few things to help redecorate and refurbish area. To say the least, they are very satisfied and are continuing their painting services thru us! For this, we are very grateful and look forward to the final piece! If we can assist you with the sprucing up of your beautiful home be sure to contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Entry Room Complete

Below are Before & After Photos of this larger Dining Room and Entry Way!

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Sandy putting on the first coat of paint for the entry room!

There were squares on the walls where the previous person quite literally painted around photos or painted squares but never completed the process.

We set primer and then proceeded with a few coats of good quality paint. Clean up shortly ensued and we then redecorated according to the clients desires.


The Processes

Paint over Primer
Thank you Sherwin Williams for matching colors so perfectly and for the amazing quality of paint y'all provide!



The fence line had many blackberry bushes, and weeds upon weeds. We cleared low lying cedar branches. It was mowed and the limbs were hauled to their brush pile. Blackberry bushes were left for the picking!

AFTER!!!  —

Everything is clear of weeds, you can see thru the fence and it looks much cleaner! What a beautiful property!!

We Love A Clean Bathroom✨

McDonald Co. Shower Deep Clean

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