Our Brand

Your the main character of your life, so act like it

Welcome to our website! Main Character is a very open minded, unique, and modern makeup brand. Created by our CEO Mia Manning and ran by her and our four managers (Anna, Luna, Gia, and Richie), the brand currently has one award and five lines of products with many more to come. Besides being one of the most well known makeup brands in the community, Main Character makes sure to keep their customers on their toes with new stuff coming every month.


New products and more!

Let’s bring in summer with a splash! Be ready to look your most glamorous self this summer with our newest makeup line, π™Žπ™‹π™‡π˜Όπ™Žπ™ƒ.

Bold Liquid Eyeliner (Limited Edition Colors!)

Use our special summertime Bold Liquid Eyeliner for your newest looks. With a waterproof reputation and making sure you always look over the top with a wide selection of colors, Bold has got you covered.

Sunkissed/Bright (Setting Powder/Liquid Highlighter)

Use our SPF 35 mineral setting powder for all those bright and hot days. Save yourself from melting in the heat, and instead looking chic!

With an alcohol free based and vegan formula, our newest liquid highlighter will promise to make you sparkle in the sun this summer!

Ease (Blush Sticks)

Try our newest blush sticks Ease! With a beautiful pigment and an array of shades you’ll be looking relaxed and all natural with this product!


Our strongly pigmented shadows in all the bright colors is a great way to ring in the season of sun! Safe for sensitive skin and perfectly pressed, be sure to purchase while you still can.


If you prefer some cool calm colors, you should try our Limonata pallet! With strong pigments, safe for sensitive skin you’ll be feeling like the coolest one there!

Ocean Breeze Collection

Use our newest collection of setting sprays, makeup wipes, primer, eye primer, and unseen sunscreen SPF 35 for your newest looks!

πΏα‹π™ π—œ

Enjoy our newest minicollection πΏα‹π™ π—œ today

If you’ve seen Loki on Disney+ you know that there is something going on but you just can’t put your finger on it. Everything is a mystery and new surprises come along the way. So here are a few tools to help you during your journey through the π‘ π‘Žπ‘π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘‘ π‘‘π‘–π‘šπ‘’π‘™π‘–π‘›π‘’.

πΏα‹π™ π—œ

Here are some tools to helo you alongside your journey! We’ve provided you with almost anything you could possibly need! From a highlighter and contour palette, liquid glitter eyeshadows, black liquid eyeliner, and tinted lipglosses you’ve got it all! So good luck on your journey..

Our Favorites!

From the beginning to now here are our favorite products!


Our very first product that we released and still one of our personal faves! Our foundation is made to fit every shade and is safe for sensitive skin.

Hair Products

One of our favorite products, and a customers favorite would be our hair products! These products will grant you silky and smooth hair, alongside making your hair healthier and less oily. Great for daily use and an easier life.


One of our CEO’s personal favorite products that we’ve released would be our liquid eyeliner. β€œBold” provides multiple color options as well as making sure you always look over the top.


Another favorite of ours has gotta be our lipstick line. With bold colors and a smudge proof reputation our lipstick will be sure to make you stand out.


Our last personal fave is our mascara! Besides being waterproof, our mascara will be sure to give you the look you want. Whether it’s soft and shy or bold and loud.


Here are some of the campaigns that we’ve launched!

14 Days of Valentines

To get people excited for Valentine’s Day we launched a new product every day starting February 1st until February 14th.


Our most recent Campaign was β€œReal”. Showing off what real bodies and skin looks like, and promoting self love rather than self loathing. We showcased all the beautiful imperfections that the human body can hold.

About our Managers!

The people who have been here from start to finish

Here are our managers! Anna, Luna, Gia, and Teyana. Each of them work hard to represent the brand and help come up with most of the campaigns, lines, and products. They are always helping bring ideas to life and will forever be a cherished part of our brand.

About our CEO

Mia Manning, our CEO

Our very own CEO Mia Manning, currently 42 years old and still running MC. She comes up with ideas and brings them to life with the help of our managers. She’s the one who starts at the drawing board and from there gets help to bring those products out to you!