A girl in a box

Get out of there, and show what you've got

Hi I'm Charmaine I. Navoa, you can call me Maine. I am 22 years old and currently studying in Adamsom University with the degree Bachelor of Arts in Communication which is my second course. My first course was Bachelor of Science in Psychology, but eventually I realized
that Communication Arts is fun which is the reason why I am now a communication student.

I'm enjoying this course, because I've learned alot such as writing, photo editing, video editing , and even advertising. I've also learned how the culture in organization works. Communication Arts is a course that everyone should also give importance because without this, people wouldn't be informed and entertained. There will be no graphic designers that will give us a quality design, photo and video editors that will show us the beauty of editing, and writers that will tell stories and will give us enlightenment.

I'm a girl who's still exploring my skills and wants to develop the things that I know I can do. I've been hiding in a box for so long, but now I wanna get out of it, I want to have high self - esteem to prove that I can do so much better. I am willing to learn more about writing because, when it comes to writing you're free to express how you feel, your thoughts, you can let go of everything inside you that is bothering you. For me, arts is the way to be free.