Maira Imran lives in Pakistan with her parents. She is the only child who shares her house with her parents.

Her biggest hobby is YA fictional novels writing. Her dream of becoming an author started when she was in 8th grade.

She wrote different novellas. Stories bubbling in her mind almost every time even her school teacher appreciated her effort. She loves to write about YA fiction, Supernatural, Teenage Dramas and Romance.

Winchester book 1 of the Cambion Series is her very first book. A complete novel. She also loves to read different novels and pretending the most beautiful fictional characters with her.

Get ready to dive into the world of imagination and desires with her.


The Cambion Series is all about love vs traitoring, enemies to best friends, mysterious to a family member. Devils, human, Cambions, Wolfs, Witches and many more great supernatural teenagers that makes you gonna fall in love with them.

Hey, everyone and every book lover! I'm an Author, I write novels and novellas on YA, Supernatural, Teenage, Romantic, Dramatic, Musical, Paranormal and Kids Fictions.


Rosetta, a young teenage 18 years old girl recently shifted to a small town '' Winchester '' to hide from her past. She felt directionless and lost in life. Her life is like a roller coaster, she wants to study but also wants to earn money for her better future and to move on. But she met a boy who fell in love with her and changed her life completely upside down. Mysterious hot weirdo with his deep secrets loves her unconditionally. That beautiful with soft innocent hazel eyes boy is a pure devil by blood. You heard me... A Devil. That devil broke every single rule of his ''Devil Community'' to protect her even marry her... A human girl. What happened when a well mannered and sweet girl fell in love with a fire? What happened when she learned about his secrets? Does she still love him or left him turned into dusk? Love or Traitoring? Humans hate devils but what if they fell in love? The love between a Devil and a human is so unnatural and unexpected but what if it really happens... What if they really fell in love by breaking all the forbidden boundaries, clashes and conflicts. The Cambions Series is all about the best supernatural adventures.


I want to tell you that please read my books. It's amazing, filled with fun, emotions, tragady, adventures, love, friendship, musical, drama, paranormal, supernatural and many more. Follow me on social media and always support me. Thank you! 💕