Maison Lefeuvre x Jung Jaehyun

— About the typist.

• Hi! I'm Maison, pleasw address me as such.

• I'm a capricorn, which says a lot about my personality.

• I'm also INFP-T (MBTI) and a Type 6 (Enneagram)

• I use both English and Tagalog as my medium when conversing, although I'm more comfortable using English as it's my first language.

• Pronouns are he/they.

• I'm usually not the one to begin a conversation but I'm always open to making friends.

• I will be marking out of character posts and comment with (🍑) for better differentiation.

• Please keep in mind that I won't be using contents from Bubble/LYSN/Dear U as it is a subscription/paid content.

• I usually update once a day or twice when necessary and I will put the source of the material as well. However if the media is procured by me, I will be putting my name in the bottom to avoid conflicts.

• My kubool account is (https://gdpd.xyz/etrealamaison) and you can freely send me a message there regarding on how I portray my muse. I also respond to any types of messages.

— About the muse

• My muse is Jung Jaehyun of NCT since 2018. Legal name is Jung Yoonoh.

• Born on Valentines Day. February 14, 1997.

• He was introduced in SM Rookies back in 2013.

• Enjoys playing basketball and other sport activities, as well as playing piano.

• He originally debuted in NCT U in 2016, and would sometimes promote under the unit, however his permanent unit is NCT 127 which is the Seoul-based unit of the whole NCT brand.