Here celebrating:

Maitea's Sweet Day!

To the most special person in my life, I congratulate you a wonderfully joyful and wonderful birthday! You are indeed the one person who understands me deeper than anyone else, perhaps better than I do myself. You've been there for me through both my delights and my miseries. When I need someone to stand by me, I believe I can rely upon you. Let's make today a blast altogether, even though I'm a bit late!

There's not much I can offer here and there, but thank you for always understanding me; I promise I'll always be here for you, embracing you and kissing your forehead (and your lips too). Sekali lagi, my dear beloved moonshine, maaf telat, I'm trying to give you my best effort in the midst of my press of business.

What Maitea Should Do

What should Maitea do in her (belated) day of birth?

Here Mary-Lou (or Marieline?) has compiled a list of acts you should do every day, particularly today!

Eat a LOT!

To offer you with plenty and vigorous energy, your body requires a lot of nourishment every day, thus I hope you will implement my advise and eat sufficiently and on a routine basis, and please don't push yourself to accomplish demanding tasks if you don't have enough energy to do so :(

Study Enough <3

I understand how pleased you are when you accomplish your schoolwork; thus, please do study, but not too much! Excessive studying might leave you mentally overwhelmed, which is something I don't want to happen... (Nyari foto Hayoung belajar ada sejam kykny).

Rest Well zZzZ

Rest is something you must do, so make sure you get plenty of it to avoid becoming exhausted! I'll accompany you to sleep, and when you wake up from your profound slumber, I'll hug and kiss you, as well as giving you sleepy cuddles! (Fotonya nerdy banget tks Seoyeon atas fotonya.)

<3 Pacaran Pacaran Pacaran <3

PACARAAAN SAMA RERE. Rara, maaf banget ya Rere kasih ini semua telat, kemarin bukan hari yang bagus buat Rere beraktifitas, jadi Rere pikir hari ini Rere bakal ngebut ngasih kamu ini semua di tengah-tengah kesibukan (jiakh kesibukan) Rere. Please do accept this tiny present from me, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you to the moon and the space in between and never back!!

Some Videos to Watch!

Norangz Chaotic Lives (Talking About Butts)

Here are some videos about Norangz (aka us) to watch when you're bored! You're not obliged to watch them, though, heeheh.

Norangz on a date with Chaeyoung.

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